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I have seen something which could help my autistic, and selective mute daughter to communicate with people that could go on her nintendo d/s. Its sort of like the sort of thing that someone put on here about an ipod, but beens as she already has a d/s and knows how to use it i thought this could be better for her. But my problem is i cant afford it, and wondered if there are any places that will give money for a communication aid, of my choice or would i have to get what they advise us to have. We cant use family fund as i have only just had money from them so need somewhere different.
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You made me chuckle there!!!!
I have something on the system that makes short words display in full and where you typed D/S it was showing as Darling son.
So all i saw was Nintendo Darling sons Big Grin
Let me look into this a little more for you and ill let you know shortly.
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i have seen something for the d/s but am sure you can only get it from USA.dont know about funds though.
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Try Children Today. They provide grants for equipment to help disabled children.

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there is also caudwell children that raises money, i dont know if you have to apply through the school or not but they do prioritise autism, they are based in stoke on trent but they help all over the country. they will help with educational products but you cant purchase the item you have to apply for it.

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