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Can anyone advise re: practical support. Don't have social worker but need to look at some practical support at home following medial reasons (limited family) to help including with son (complex needs inc ASD diagnosis). Asking that needs are assessed through adult services but has anyone come across any charities that provide respite etc - am based in the north east t thank you.
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Caudwell Children provide a free family support service and also short breaks for families with additional needs across the UK.... why not have a look at their website http://www.caudwellchildren.com. I work as one of there family support coordinators in London but there are coordinators all across the UK and Ireland....

If you want additional information don't hesitate to contact me.....  
Bounce Ema Harker
Family Support Coordinator - London
Email - ema.harker@caudwellchildren.com
Tel - 07975 981769
Web address - http://www.caudwellchildren.com

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