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Hi I have 2 children who both have been diagnosed with developmental delay. My daughter is 2 and a half and my lttle boy is 1 year old. When my daughter was 2 month old I realised then that there was something up as she was constantly being sick and I had to keep her upright after feeding for 45 mins, at 5 months she was diagnosed with reflux she didn't sit up until she was 15 months and started crawling at 22 months and is now 2 and a half and still crawling, she can pull herself up to stand bt won't walk holding furniture. She has been diagnose withdevelopmetal delay she does not talk bt still bables like a 8 month old baby WHen I had my son never did I think I would have another child with devlopmental delay but I did. I realised this at 3 month as he wasconstantly throwing up nd was diagnosed with reflux. He is 13 month old and still not able to sit up on his own, he has just learnt to roll over from side to side. Is there anybody else out there with Children (sibings) with developmental delay ?
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Hi i dont have 2 sibings with GDD, but i do have 2 children with different disabilitys and you do think why me , again, there could be genetic factors for your childrens GDD,have you seen a paedition(sp?)yet? from Nat, mum of 4. one has autism, one has angelman syndrome.
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Both of my twins have development delay, they were born at 25 weeks which has left them with brain damage. My daughter has damage to her mid and hind brain, at 18 months her movement is limited to clenching and unclenching her fists and moving her head from side to side. My son has damage to his cerebral hemispheres and is showing emerging 4 limb cerebral palsy. Neither of them can lift their heads, roll over, or sit without being supported on all sides and with a pommel.

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