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I total agree you are very talented and most prob sumed up how many of us feel as i no i feel like that some times
Smile .. smile life is too short ..Smile
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thankyou both. this was actually the first draft and ive now tweaked and pulled a little bit so its neater but its probably more from the heart because of being that first draft.
Its all come out of doing a keyworker training course where we are looking at getting across to ppl (often professionals) about what it feels like to me a parent of someone with special needs and we covered all these things. having 'been there done that' with my own children but also working with a great deal of parents i know what its like and wanted to get across to these ppl that we can be wonderful parents and cope very well but that we can lose sight of ourselves in the meantime.
the hardest thing for me personally is being able to rely on someone else, i DO NOT cry in public or find it easy at all to ask for help so i was just trying to get across how lost a parent can feel, especially if theyre an emotional cripple like me!! lol
i made up one final verse for it this morning:

People say my daughter's blessed,
To have me by her side,
But they only see the camouflage
When im breaking up inside.


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