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Heres a poem i wrote today on the idea that sometimes we parents can lose ourselves in caring for our families.. pls tell me what you think (considerately pls Smile ) thanx

I used to live in the real world,
In a life that revolved around me,
And a husband, career and hobbies too,
Around my friends and family.

And then my child came along,
And nothing went to plan,
And I watched as the life I had lived and loved,
Went swirling down the pan

The endless round of hospitals
The appointments and forms to fill in,
Means I often don’t have time to breathe,
Let alone make the time for my kin.

The things that daily my child must do,
All have a specific aim,
Would it really hurt her, if just this once,
She and I just played a game?

I’m always “mum” and never “me”,
Who asks if I’m okay?
When we’re on our sixth appointment,
In half as many days?

When you’re living in the goldfish bowl,
Your life belongs to all,
And you start to question everything,
Even if you can parent at all.

We live in constant paradox,
Of what is wrong and what is right,
I only want what’s best for her,
And it keeps me awake at night.

No longer do I have the time,
To live life for myself,
Gone are my friends, my evenings out,
Sacrificed for my child’s health.

Now all that is seems is left of me,
For better or for worse,
Is all that I pretend to be,
A doctor, a lawyer, a nurse.

I desperately want to be her mum,
With the chance to be myself,
But it seems that something has to give,
So my life gets put on the shelf.

I love my child beyond belief,
And will do so eternally,
But just occasionally it would help,
If someone would recognise me!
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WOW! what a good poem, i think it will relate to a lot of people, i like the bit about where your living in a goldfish bowl. Thanks for sharing.Nat
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that is really good i could relate to everything you wrote well done. least im not the only one who feels like that sometimes.
Smile .. smile life is too short ..Smile
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WOW!!!! That is just brilliant. It's how I feel too but I couldn't have put it into words like that. You've got a real talent there. xx
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Amazing and very true....I had to get the tissues! Xx
Things can be hard on occasions but well worth it!Heart

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