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how did u feel when u first relised or found out ur child had spiecal needs ?
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If I'm honest, I felt fine. Its been the journey since thats been hard. I found having a disabled child means that I cannot make decisions as I would have before and the choices I have are limited. Almost like all the control I had over my life has been taken away. Does anyone else feel that way?
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I feel exactly the same way Maria.
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Feel exactly the same Maria. It's like a rollercoaster ride, sometimes it's scary and you want to get off whilst other times it's full of so much joy. Raising Matt has been hard although he can do most things there are still a lot of things he can't do. It sometimes breaks my heart at all the fun his sister had but with matt we have to choose where we go. Life is never fair we just make the most of it and live day to day xx
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I personaly felt releived as you know that something is wrong with your child but not knowing what, is hard, it is the whirlwind you go through after, you accept whats wrong with your child, then have learn so much, and its a consert fight for every thing. But you get so much love from your child and your life becomes the "norm" and you get used to your life.Nat.

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