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please can somebody help me i have a 6yr little girl who has server asthma bless her we moved 2 leicester 2yrs ago since then she has been admitted 28 times. It has now got to the point where she is on daily steriods she can not walk round the corner wiv out getting short of breath. Since moveing here i feel alone as i have a physical disability too, i would be so greatfull if anyone knows of any charities or organisations that could help as iv been told there are grants i can apply for as my daughtar can not go out and play she spends her whole time inside and is cut off from her friends and i feel she is missing out. To be hounest i would be glad of any advice of where i cud get help from ranging from family holidays to days out or just a few hrs where she can have fun but know she is in safe hands plz can anyone help me xxx
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have you got a social worker? they can assess you for direct payments which would enable you to hire someone to take your daughter out for a few hours or arrange it themselves through crossroads http://www.crossroads.org.uk/index.php?mid=21&pgid=141&area_id=all
aiming high can be accessed through social services too http://www.leics.gov.uk/index/social_services/children_young_people/disabled_children/aiming_high_for_disabled_children.htm matt has been accessing this for a couple of years doing different things they can average one outing a week from a couple of hours to a full day (10-3)



to get a grant to take her on holiday yourself you can try family fund they are good with this and can help with a range of things
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