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Hi all,
I have a question i was wondering if any of you could answer. My son has just been awarded middle rate DLA (care component) and i believe I am now eligible to claim carers allowance. Both me and my husband work part time for our own business (both earning under £100 week) although because things are currently quiet with the business he is working just in the run up to Christmas in a local coffee shop (so earning over £100/week for next month). I am expecting a baby in April and realise that once I'm receiving maternity pay i won't qualify for carers allowance anymore. If it wasn't for my husbands work in the coffee shop he would be eligible to claim the carers allowance instead (and we would still receive it whilst i was on mat leave). Does anybody know if it is possible to change the carer so i could be the carer receiving carers allowance until i go on maternity leave and then my husband could be considered the main carer after that?
Sorry to have been so long winded - slightly complicated situation but we could really do with not losing the carers allowance whilst I'm on maternity leave!
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If you are eligible and make a successful claim for CA now then all you need to do is tell them when your circumstances change and you start getting maternity pay. If getting maternity pay means you won’t be entitled to CA any more then the claim will end. Then your husband would have to make a new claim himself as soon as you stop receiving it.
Hope that makes sense! x

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