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i think he is better on sick due to stress!
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Hi corinne, i'm sure dan will pop on later and give a bit more accurate advice but i'll have a shot. If your getting tax credits then you would obviously lose the working element but you would not lose the child element until matt is 18 :S i think (if your still getting it as hes at college) If mark gets signed off sick through stess the you would get sick pay which i think after so long gets changed to stat sick pay then income support (i think might be wrong with the last bit), if he quit then i think it would be jobseekers BUT i think you can claim income support if he went to the doctors through stress/breakdown. Whatever you went onto (income supoort i believe would be better than JSA) it would like leas said, entitle you to council tax benefit, housing benefit.....if you use the online benefit checker it really should tell you exactly where you stand. Do you know what you will be able to claim when matt is 18? will it be income support for him? because i believe the severe disability element of tax creds would then be transfered to his income support BUT i think that that is instead of carers so if i were you, i'd put a few different combos through the benefit checker and see exactly where you stand Smile i'm sure dan will tell me i'm totally wrong somewere lol he so much better than me at this Smile


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No Lucy ur about right hun,
Like you say if he went sick whilst still at work he would get sick pay for so long (then after so long the work place will get rid of him) then it would go to IS (Reason being, cause a sick note is in place showing ur partners stressed etc)

If he was to quit without a sick note he would be on JSA, otherwise IS with a note.
(You cant claim JSA for 6weeks i think if you quit ur job, however you can claim JSA streight away if ur fired/redundent etc)

But as lucy said your best bet is to run via Entitledto.com or even ring ur Job centre annonymously and ask what the benefits would be?
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i have been trying to get him to go and get signed off for stress but we normally cope ok just seems daft that just when it looks like the respite will be back we have just stopped coping lol. guess i just tired and i got more sleep than mark. usually dont get aggression going to bed and its dealt with and we all friends again by the time we go but last nights started at 10.45 without warning so took us a while to settle
he only works 30 hours as he used to go to uni so didnt go in on tue and thur afternoons unless he swaps them to meet new s/w and he kept it like this so i had some support during holidays, they did talk about him doing different hours but it was working 3 full days so think he will have to talk to boss if he wont go to the doctors, we only earn about £10 to much to claim housing and council tax as we live in council house so lowest rent and c/t rate.
whatever he did he would have to do some type of work however part time as if we had to be together all the time it would be me depressed lol after 20 yrs we cant be together all the time we too different lol
he holds it all in and stews on it while i get it out and am over it after i run out of tears hehe
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Is there no chance he could drop hes hours to 20 or somthing? (as if he drops hours the benefots will make up the money hes lost out on and may infact make you entitled to more??)

My partner only works 24.5hours a week to support me..
With him working this we get work & child tax credit (weekly) and the child tax is at higher rate for Sam,
We also then get, child benefit (weekly)
Partners wage (approx 500pm)
Sams DLA
Then a top up on Housing & Ctax (They dont pay it all, they pay just under 1/2 which is a big help realy) but recently just applied for carers allowence so not sure how much housing if any that we will get.

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