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Welcome Marleysgirl
Thank you for becoming a member of parents of disabled children and i hope you find the site useful.
From me and all the members of Parents of disabled children a big welcome ,please feel free to introduce yourself and your tell us about your family.

We hope you enjoy the forum and if there is anything we can help you with just let us know or if you can help our other members out please jump in and get involved.

We are one big family here with great members from all across the country.
Look forward to hearing from you and reading the introduction to your family.
In the meantime if you need any guidance using the forum this can be found on the following links:

How to use the site

Forum rules:

Feel free to get involved and join in and im sure you will find out for yourself what a truly great base of supportive members we have here.
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Thanks for the automated welcome ... <grin>

I'm already struggling though, and have posted over in the 'techie' section. I'm viewing in Firefox v8.0 on a netbook with screen width 1024pixels, but am having to scroll left-right in order to see the entire forum. I don't have to do this on other vB forums I frequent (and am prolific posters on). It must be something in the settings here, do you have any pointers?

Now for an introduction ... Our little boy was born two years ago, 11 weeks early and very small for gestation. He's now 2 1/4 years actual age, 2 years corrected age, has learning delay, and also has a hearing impairment that we haven't yet been able to correct (because refuses to co-operate in testing). His key support at the moment is a pre-schools advisor and a teacher for the deaf, but nobody is taking the "key worker" role to overview his situation, which I am finding increasingly frustrating.

I think I'm on this forum because he will be due to start pre-school next September. This is 2 weeks after his third birthday, and I don't think he'll be developmentally ready but the environment could be good for him. He's had a s.332 referral to an educational psychologist but the implication was that he wouldn't actually get to see the psychologist until after his 4th birthday. So we are looking for all the information and help that we can get in connection to him starting pre-school; he's on the registration list for four pre-schools (no centralised registration here), and I've already learnt that I need to ask to see the SEN policy.

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