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Hi All

Im after some advice, does anyone know what the policy is on using a privately owned wheelchair is in school?? I have just purchased a 2nd hand one its in immaculate condition, i get back and they tell me that i might not be allowed to use it due to health and safety, i mean, my privately owned bee chair and pushchair are good enough but not a wheelchair?? Im Fuming!!
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my son uses his own (privately owned) wheelchair in school. he has no problems using it and i dont think the school would dare say that he is not allowed to use it.

i would have thought that there would be more of an issue using a wheelchair that wasnt a correct fit to the person using it

I hope this helps
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It may be an insurance issue. My sons school (special education) request that if you have a privatly owned wheelchair you have it insured with an apopriate level of public libility. We don't have a priavtly owned on for our son, but on his electric wheelchair we did get liability insurance, more to protect ourslves from suing than anything else. There is a company called fish who specialise in it and cover is not overly expensive.
But before you buy, check thats the problem. I would recomend you talk to the school about it. There may be a simple reason with a simple answer Smile
Hope this helps.

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