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hello my 4year old son has cerebral Palsy (just started school 8 weeks ago)

i brought him kicker shoes (because he has leg braces from time to time so we are not entitled to Pedro Shoes) However due to the fact he drags his feet rather than walk his shoes are totally worn; after just one term! and everyone knows how long kickers last!

Please does anyone know where i can buy Pedro Orthopaedics shoes? he is childs small 7-8 size and im worried i will have to pay out 110.00 every term Sad( dont know what to do. Advice please ppl Smile
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i dont know where to but them from but have you asked the advice of your physio?

have you considered buying him a cheaper shoe that wont be as expensive to replace?
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tbh buying them cost a lot of money they do have sales now and then if you look on http://www.gilbert-mellish.co.uk/Shop/Sale/multi-purpose-boots/233.aspx they have some nice ones and they are cheaper than the £110 u mentioned but i would suggest asking orthopedics if they wont supply them then to at least measure him up so u know what to buy yourself as they dont just go in length size its also width and if he needs any inserts otherwise try a good shoe shop as they will still measure childrens feet
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