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(11-01-2011, 11:37 AM)my special boy Wrote: ah thanks. think we'll go and have a look. Happy to buy alfie trike for xmas or his b'day in january rather than wait for funding but don't want to pay a lot of money for something he hasn't tried or we haven't seen before as not entirely convinced he'll be able to do it as he can't walk but you never know!!

When we got Charlie's trike from Quest 88 a rep came with a trike for him to try out to make sure it was suitable for him and to assess exactly what supports he would need, etc. He explained why each different support was needed & he took Charlie up & down the street on it several times so we could see if he liked it or not. Not being able to pedal it himself wasn't an issue, with the parent handle on the front it was just towing him along with his feet strapped to the pedals which was good therapy for him anyway & it looked like he was pedalling. He couldn't keep himself upright on the seat at first but with all the supports it didn't matter. There was no hard sell, even the rep said it was a lot of money but he just sent a quote in the post a few days later for all the bits we needed. It might be worth contacting the company you want to use to see if they can do this for you.
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hi, i think its well worth a visit i went last year and saw a Genie Care bed told the OT and she organised the rep to come round for an assessment before ordering one for us. we also sourced a walker. you can get a good idea of the range of products available and the reps will tell you if they have received nhs funding for them. i will be going again this time looking at cot beds! you can also buy smaller products to take away on the day bibs and vests.
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