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Hi we've recently had an OT report for rehousing. Does anyone know how long it takes to be rehoused after that report

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There is no promise the OT report will lead to rehousing as such its a part of the jigsaw which will build a case to see if your family is eligible for rehousing.
If the report is strong then obviously is a very strong case and this will most likely mean your move will then be looked at.

But then the next stage is usually the hardest but and these will be looked at by the council:

1)Is there a property thats suitable for your needs already?
2) Are there others in the same situation or worse who have waited longer?
3) Are there any houses availible in stock?

Then if they match these 3 an offer will be made.
If not its then a sub section of new criteria for example

1) If question one is answered no can they adapt a property to make it suitable within a certain price range?
2)If question two is yes then you go onto a priority list but others above will be made offers first and they will go through the criteria above again with them.
3)If the answer is no to Q 3 then they will see what adaptions are needed and then either put you on there priority list or look at housing assosiations.

Finding the property is usually the hardest bit and ive known people wait months/years once they have been accepted.
Annoying i know but wanted to try and be realistic to a degree.
It all depends on where you live and what current housing stock is like and whats free to be moved into.

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Thank you for your reply xx

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