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Kay and Loucie are 3 years old and we've FINALLY got through to the wheelchair service! Both have "unspecific severe low muscle tone", or in other words they're quite floppy but the cause is unknown. My other daughter (their half-sister) Megan is 12 and has possible spastic diplegia - again they're not really sure - and can walk about 1/2 a mile before she has to use her "standard issue" bulky self-propelled wheelchair.

We've been given the choice for the twins between SN buggy or powerchairs. I asked about whether if choosing SN buggy would mean we could have a double (such as the Maclaren Twin Major or Kimba Inline Buggy) but they said know because the twins were "individuals and therefore must be treated as such". Grrr...

We haven't been told what type of buggy / powerchair they'd get. I'm trying to make the decision between buggy and powerchair.

Buggy would be good because I'd have more control + I think some powerchairs can go quite fast which might be dangerous (sorry i'm a bit paranoid!) but I'm a single mother - although i have a very helpful boyfriend - so can't possibly push 2 buggies!
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can you still get that device which you can use to connect 2 prams together, to make them into a double? Maybe that would work? I'll try and find a link.
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Buggy-connectors-make-instant-double-buggy-ideal-holidays-/140617965555?pt=UK_Baby_BabyTravel_Pushchairs_GL&hash=item20bd7bdff3#ht_500wt_1069 this is it?
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my 8 year old has a powered chair and it can be a nighrmare at times, they are not always useful. at least a buggy you can push over bumps and kerps a powered chair you can't. She has had hers since she was 3 and her control of it still isnt fantastic!! its a nightmare if you are out and i constantly have to help her control it, cant imagine having two Children in a powered chair!

Also they dont fold down so they are hard to transport in a vehicle unless you have a adapted car to take two fully up wheelchair

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