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I can't tell you how mad iam, we rushed robbie back into sheff hospital tuesday, having wasted all day monday in our local hospital (no specialist) he was having the worst spasms ever and was causing his old tummy scar's to weep, it was the worst we have seen for ages. so rushed straight in admitted straight away, we parked up on the edge of a parking spot we had our blue badge and to be honist i didnt care where we bluddy left it. Anyway all through night lots of docs round robbie, neurologist, xrays, they couldnt get his spasms under control, when one of us had to leave hospital the chuffin ticket man had put not one, but two tickets on our car,,,, do they have no feelings, it just sent me over the edge, council again, w*****s
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oh no thats awful Sad Sad have you looked into their appeal procedure? it might be worth a try. im not even sure they can give you 2. i would ceertainly look into it more and consider appealing. you have a certain amount of time to do it in. How is robbie now? its really not what you need at such a worrying time. hope he's feeling a little better xx
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Sheffield Childrens hospital has just changed their parking policy as its a complete nightmare round there (it still is but hey ho!). They are supposed to inform you of this on reception, and you get a ticket to put in your car saying you are in A&E. You can appeal and as you'll have proof that you were there in an emergency it'll get quashed.
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We had a similar episode in Edinburgh and appealed. We didn't pay the fine! Good Luck

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yes we was at Sheffield childrens on wed last week i noticed that they have put two yellow lines on curbs every few yards i rang hubby to ask what they are for he had no idea ! i sat and waited 1 hour to park before we just parked out side also when you do get in car park you know have to pay. i would appeal you have reason too,

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