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Hi ,

My son is 13 he suffers from ADHD and MILD CP. He has always been a hyper child and he managed to get through his primary years with medication . He struggled in year 7 his new secondary school. In the start of year 8 he was not settling in according to the school.he had constant days of isolation due to his behavior and and he was sent home every week of the day! which finally led to him being excluded .these where some of the notes from the minutes of the meetings i had when he was at the school .
*he Deliberately causes distributions in the class
*Takes tie of for attention
*Puts stickers on planner
*Does not attempt to do the work given to him
these where the main issues. He was home for over 4 months and then he was sent to a temporary PRU and he did the same there and he wouldn't settle so he was sent home again from there!

So in June this year he was sent to another PRU .
His statement was amended without me being present at the annual review and i was promised 1 in October and ive still not had a date !

Its come to that point that today the center manager said we cant meet his needs !

I've looked in to other settings that can meet my sons needs ADHD specialist schools and have mentioned it to the the education department but they wont listen to me ! im going round in circles .

Has Anyone had the same problems as me ?
Ive got a advocate involved now , im still worried about my sons future times wasting and nothings being done about his education .
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do you have a parent partnership service?? i have recently used to get my daughter moved, they are fantastic in my area but i have learnt on here that it is not always the case and it depends on the area you live in as to the quality of service you recieve.

they should be able to advise you and act as a advocate with the education service, or maybe try contacting a social worker and seeing if they can help?

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my parent partnership was great, they also managed to help us get our little boy into his special school

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