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hi i have done the triple p its not to bad but did not find it any help we still fighting to get help for our 7 year old even tho his big doc said he has adha or add and sent letters to cahsms this was done when he was 5 !!

2 years down the line he has a new teacher with in 3 weeks he calle us in to his new school and said i think your son need help ( thank u someone see what we do ) they still not doing things but keeping a close eye for now saying it his age
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Hello again ,

The fact that you are trying to get support for your child surely will not count against you it should be a positive thing, That will count it your favour it's very rare for a woman to lose custody of her children especially when they are trying so hard to help there child. However this is another topic but I would not think that seeking help for your child could be used against you, in fact quite the opposite.

Good Luck
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can i ask how old your son is??

where i used to work we worked closley with CAMHS and had a joint referral system, in that area if a child was 5 or under we referred them to the 'early intevention team' this was a team that worked with children of a younger age to try provide 'early intevention' which prevented them waiting on a waiting list at CAMHS for several months and allowed some very detailed and skilled work t obe carried out with the children before the family reached crisis point. the service was set up for that age range to try and relieve some of the pressure on existing services.

Hope this helps, it is also quite normal for them to try help the parent as well especially if they have or have had depression.

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