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I have found this under the Disability Living Allowance Reform, please read...........

What is the problem under consideration? Why is government intervention necessary?
The current system is not sustainable in the long term. There are now 3.2 million people receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and forecast expenditure on the benefit for 2011/12 is £12.6 billion. In just eight years the numbers claiming DLA has risen from 2.5 million to 3.2 million – an increase of around 30%.
DLA is widely perceived to be an out of work benefit and receiving DLA in itself appears to reduce the likelihood of being in employment, even after allowing for the impact of health conditions. Furthermore the assessment process for DLA is complex and subjective, making it difficult to assess people's needs on a consistent basis. Reviews can be infrequent and awards may not reflect changes in the impact of impairments.
What are the policy objectives and the intended effects?
To create a new more active and enabling benefit that supports disabled people to overcome the barriers they face to leading full and independent lives.
Ensure that support is focussed on those with the greatest barriers and that expenditure is sustainable.
The assessment for the new benefit is being designed to assess more accurately, objectively and transparently those people who would benefit most from additional support.
What policy options have been considered? Please justify preferred option (further details in Evidence Base)
1. Do nothing. This would do nothing to ensure expenditure is sustainable, improve the assessment process or increase understanding that the benefit is available both in and out of work.
2. Reform DLA including a more objective assessment. Reform will help to ensure that expenditure on DLA is sustainable and focussed on those most in need of additional support. A new assessment will improve consistency in decisions and through regular reviews ensure that awards remain correct. Replacing DLA with a new benefit that supports disabled people to overcome the barriers they face to leading full and independent lives will provide an opportunity to improve understanding of the benefit and communicate that support is available both in and out of work.
When will the policy be reviewed to establish its impact and the extent to which the policy objectives have been achieved?
It will be reviewed
from 2014
Are there arrangements in place that will allow a systematic collection of monitoring information for future policy review?
Yes, See Annex 1

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