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I am new to this site and think its great. I am a carer for my son and I was only entitled as he gets mid rate DLA. Has anyone thought that as the gov are looking at taking people/Children off disability allowance then the carer would not be entitled to carers allowance. This is a huge worry for me as the gov are going to take child benefit from us as my hub earns over the 44k bracket. I gave up my work of 15 years to care for my son who now attends a special nursery which is helping his communication immensely.

Look forward to any comments.

Worried mum.
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i am not sure that childrens dla is changing, i think its only adults that they are looking to change over to personal independance payments which i would say that the requirements to get carers allowance would change with it to include pip. there is a lot of scaremongering out there. at the end of the day the government will always look at the cheapest option and nobody is cheaper than a parent, if we dont get help to stay home and look after our children then they would have to be in care which costs more a day than they pay us a week Big Grin
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I bang my head against a wall on a daily basis with the stories i read or people tell me as so much is scare mongering as Corinne said or policital advantage scare mongering.
Many newspapers which are labour based newspapers carry shock headlines to create fear as fear creates votes for the labour party they think.

Yes some things have changed and some services stopped but its important to remember that some services stopped under the last goverment.
The number of special needs schools under the last number was reduced on a major basis and 9,500 plus special needs placements were lost but they hid this at the time.....
Also disability living allowance was actually a conservative idea and they introduced it when they were the "nasty" party.
Also worth remembering that the Lib dems have such a lead on the Tories right now that things like this would hardly change that much as the Lib dems are the nice party (They like to think anyway Big Grin)

The general conclusion is that all 3 parties are just as bad at things as others and whenever there is the possibility of fear the others take advantage but at this time disability living allowance is fine for children and i would say dont add worry to your life and any changes that are planned or discussed would be mentioned here Smile
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Thanks for your comments Corinne and Daniel. I know it is probably best to let things happen and stop worrying but if the gov do look at children with autism or any disability and were taken off DLA in 2013 and the stay at home mums (carers) don't get the carers allowance, then we would need to look for a job and how can we work with a disabled child to look after?. The money I receive just now is equal to a part time wage which is why mothers like me gave up work to look after our children with additional support needs. I have read the government are looking at taking as many people off benefits as they can and considering they are targeting the most unfortunate in our society seems quite sick to me. Let's not forget David Cameron had a disabled son for years and hope he has not forgotten how difficult life is supporting the child and the stress that comes with it all. Autism is becoming a common disability and children automatically get DLA but the government know they would save millions of pounds to take these poor children off dla and their carers. Fingers crossed it will never comes to this as there would be an uproar!.
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i didn't realise that DLA was changing

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