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(10-04-2011, 08:38 PM)ambreen Wrote:
(10-04-2011, 09:02 AM)mummy_of_matty Wrote: yes I've had it, I was quite surprised as myself and my husband receive income support as a family, I expected to be changed over to child tax credits when the form went in but no.

oh really ...dont you get tax credit as well? we get that as well ...i had to post a form of tax credits to them ...did you hear back from them? have they asked any of you for work focused interview?

and angelic......yes if you have a disabled child and your a carer and your partner looses hes job etc ...you can claim income support as a a couple because you both need to care for the child ...but if the partner wants to go back to work then hes better off claiming job seekers allowance...... its not much ......but just helps each other care for the child ............i wouldnt have done it without my hubby ...x

No, when they first brought out CTC, we were told that we would be changed over in due course, but it hasn't happened! I assumed when they reviewed the IS it would happen then but nothing! Not sure why, I don't know if we're better or worse off, but I'm quite relieved we haven't had the hassle yet - I know people who were switched over, IS stopped, but CTC didn't get paid for ages!
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Oh my goodness daniel thats terrible 4-5 houses
How the bloomin nelly did they get away with that :0

Yes its a honesty form lol. Makes us seem like we are doing something wrong

Oh well we have been honest Just shame on them with 5 houses tut tut !!!

Its always those that get away with it as well!

Mattys mum. Goodness me u are supposed to also get ctc its a top up and if your getting dla high rate they give you a premium

You should speak with citezens advice as soon as you can hun xx
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Remember to check any benefit entitlements to use the benefit checker
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