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i have recently used parent partnership in my area to help me with getting my daughter moved schools. they were fantastic and were able to provide a bit of 'clout' to other services so that i got what we wanted, i only had to mention i had parent partnership involved and everyone suddenly started to agree to moving her!!

ps it was the best decision i ever made!!!

good luck xx
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Parent Partnership can be a good thing but in some cases not so....
Sadly Birmingham seem to favour Local authority a little more than some and as your in Brum and under this parent partnership possibly worth looking at another option IPSEA they are a charitable organisation and really know whats what when it comes to educational law and will fight things tooth and nail.
Problem with parent partnership i feel is they are the ones who say this is what should be done and talk the talk but dont have the way to fight for it or knowhow ....
IPSEA will though and as this is the second refusal i would fight this from now.
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