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Hi , we currently recieve higher rate mobility for my son who has down syndrome , he is very unpredictable ,will refuse to walk ,I cant take him out on my own as he refuses to hold hands ,isnt safe in carparks or on roads,need the car to go anywhere , for example yesterday he refused to get in the car and spent 20 minutes sat on the school car park floor until a member of staff persuaded him to get in the car , however over the last couple of weeks school has been telling me that he has been walking to the local shops and park with no problems , he will hold someones hand , I really dont know if I should report a change of circumstance to the dla as this is an improvement , however his behaviour is completley different out of school , his personal care hasnt changed , but because he is walking fine with the school , would this be regarded as a change of circumstance ?, and if so would I have to complete the whole dla form again even tho his care during the day and night hasnt changed ? My son is eleven nearly twelve ,
Please reply, sorry about the spelling and grammer
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To Be honest that particular one fact I dont beleive is strong enough to take over from the DLA Claim I know walking is a big part of a full DLA claim. But his circumstances could change again soon , me personally I would want at least 6 to 12 months viewing the problems to see if more improvement comes in other sectors. Rather than rush in and change anything. If he improves in other ways also then maybe I would consider A Change of circumstances but due to the severe nature of the other problem's I would hold tight.

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Don't DLA say that you have to have been suffering for a certain amount of time BEFORE you can be considered so surely a change faces the same stipulations and as all children are different at school to home the DLA request reports from the school so as long as your child isn't changing at home then you needn't worry I don't think too much. However, if they are changing for the better at home and at school for a prolonged period then I would tell them. It isn't just about walking though it's about the level of supervision compared to another child that age and I don't think many 11 year olds require constant supervision and hand holding so I think you are ok not to worry for the time being just keep an eye on it.
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