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Im going to try here as im fed up of being fobbed off by medical team guessing all the time Sad

So im coming to people who know first hand...x

My daughter Sophie is 4 years and 5 months old.. from a VERY young age was difficult to deal with.. so much so i felt like she didnt love me and distanced myself from her quite a fair bit.. i never left her so was always with me but i didnt give her as much attention as i gave my first child.. Sad

As she has become older im seeing more and more worrying signs that i dont understand...
it started with silly things like...

having a really bad attitude without talking.. (its so hard to explain so please bare with me)
she will just stop walking if we walk in a different direction to what she wants.. and if u carry on she thinks nothing of being left alone... she doesnt have fear nor worry or telling off nor shouting phases her..

then she became to become more difficult such as not eating refusing to sleep.. she would constantly ruin everything her sister did whether it would be ripping up pictures as my eldest was drawing them or turning the tele if we were watching something to throwing or just generally being spitful... I spoke to a doctor and she she matches everything of ODD bet was told im trying to label my child... they never looked into it!! Sad


one day a health visitor was visiting our neighbour and she saw me with sophie and we began talking she asked me from looking at sophies behaviour if she had ever had problems and would i mind if she assessed her.. to be fair i was really happy as NO one other than my mum could see what i was dealing with even her father lives in denial and says he can see no problems he does live slightly in denial..

she was assessed and they said she was on the autistic spectrum and would keep assessing her.they also sent me a request to see a child psychologist.. they firstly wanted to see me alone then see her.. i went for that appointment 1 year ago they called me a month ago to tell me they havent forgot about her BUT there is a long wait!!! they still havent seen her..

She had her assessment 6 months ago when she turned 4 they said her mental age was 30 months!!! and said they would carry on to assess her every six months she now has one coming on the 14th october... she was also referred to speech and language therapist.. in may this year we finally have our appointment for November Sad


Sophie has always had alot of speech problems she cant say many sounds, she cant say her
f's S's or Th's.. so it makes it very difficult to understand.. But recently she has moved up into reception and her teacher said look we need to get her speech sorted as she is slacking and hearing the other child is making me realise just how behind she is.. Sophie can not have a conversation she answers everything with one word answers.. every now and then she will say a sentence like... "me drink please" and ill say "can i have a drink please" and she can repeat but im worried she cannot do this for herself...

Am im looking to much into things or is this the start of something i need to look into?? giving her age is this normal does this strike you as anything...

Sophie is a very particular child doesnt mix with many children and has one special friend..
she also didnt meet any of the 6 areas of learning for 3 year old even though she is 4
She very rarely eats and needs a fair bit of help...
She can count to 11 but no futher and also cannot write nor draw anything that resembles anything!

I dont want to seem like a person who wants her child to have something.. but im not sure what is wrong is she just behind is it a case of some children develop differently??

Please help me understand... Thank You for reading and listening xxxx
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Hi, I am not sure if I can be any help but I have 4 yr 3 months daughter with no named syndrome but delays in 2 areas and a physical prob too. I share your frustration at not knowing what your daughter has although our Psychologist now says my daughter has a learning disability and oddly I feel worse for that , having a developmental delay gave me hope one day she would catch up. We (really i mean I) have had to fight for every service we receive, sadly the best advice I can give is to keep on pushing and asking for appointments and follow your intuition.

It may be worth approaching your SENCO at school and talking more to your daughter's teacher to see what they think particularly about whether this is a developmental difference or a delay.

We are under a Paediatrician so you could ask your GP if they would consider a referral, the paediatrician can then take an overall view of your daughter's history and development and maybe speed up referrals to other profs.

In terms of drawing see if she can follow you drawing lines and circles and then move to crosses, apparently these are all pre-writing stages. I think it is really good she has one special friend as to do that she probably communicates and understands her friend, might be worth trying to overhear them together. Counting to 11 sounds great To me (prob because we are a long way off that at present), maybe again ask your teacher to check.

Really wish I could help more but hopefully someone with more experience than me will answer.

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Have you spoken to your health vister and told her your concerns

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