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Hey guys first time poster here,

I'd just like to ask what kind of decision making is involved when dealing with disabled children.
My sister recently had a child born with cerebral palsy and i'd like to gather as much information as possible about the type of decisions she will need to make so as I can help as the child grows up.

This is in regards to the childs needs.

Thanks for any help,
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it will be a very difficult time for all the family at the moment and im sure any offers of support will be very much appreciated.

As to the decisions to be made it is very difficult to answer that one. My child has cerebral palsy also but it is 'umberella' term and it has a vast number of variations, which means really not many children with the condition are ever really the same.

if you have any specific answers on more specific questions then that would be easier to answer but my advise would be offer support its amazing the difference that a listening ear can make.

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Hiya! I'm sure their will be lots of decisions over time but really every child is different so it all depends on them really. Treatment decisions, school decisions, equipment, possibly respite etc I think the key is to tackle one at a time as it can get quite overwhelming dealing with lots of different people and departments, especially if they're not all being helpful. For now, they'll probably just be greatful for your support and having you there to listen to their concerns - which you can always share here to get others feedback

Lucy xx
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Im sorry but i will say this very clearly....
We had someone with the same IP as you join 2 days ago who was a student seeking help on coursework and we do not allow students to seek research here and that student was removed.
Now im very disappointed that a student is trying to seek answers by underhand tactics.
Therefore im locking the thread
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