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hi, i have a big 4 year old who has been diagnosed as autistic.
he is in nappies as he has very little body awareness.
my problem is - that he is too big for baby change units!!
what do you do? lay them on the floor? (seems un-hygenic)
or - try the standing up method (which seems to result in poo on clothes - or me!)
i do have a disabled toilet key, which gives more space.

help please!!
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there are now certain places that have special changing places for disabled people that have adult sized changing beds etc. These are called changing places. if you type it in to google it will bring up the website and you will then be able to find where the toilets are near to you destination. They are few and far between in certain areas but they are increasing. Other than that buying a changing mat/blanket from on line that you can lay him down on or practise the standing method. Get him to hold on to the sink or something to keep him stood still. Also try this method at home as when he gets older it makes it difficult to change laid down
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a larger changing mat is the only solution that we have, wish they had more changing places around.

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