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hi please can we get some advice me and my family live in a council propery in darlington
county durham it has 3 bedrooms 1 small bathroom and very small kitchen
there is 8 of us living here me and my partner and my 6 children of 16/15/13/8/and twins of 3
amy is 13 and has severe learning difficulties and is stuck in a very small room with 1 small window which we can't open as see has no sense of danger at all in a nutshell the house is far to small can anyone tell me if they is any help or grant available for an extension
she has a wheel chair and with her difficulties she kicks off if its not with her whice means taking it and down stairs maybe 10/15 times a day. thanks neil
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hi, i would think for a start you would be classed as overcrowded so on that basis that is a good get out clause for the council not to have to do an extention under the disabled facilities grant. they will try to re house you from there current housing stock. no doubt with limited availability there would be a considerable wait? this was the first thing they looked at to avoid doing an extention on our property. i suppose it depends on where you live and if you have a professional to support you in your application for a larger property based on medical needs.
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There is an overcrowding issue and this will be pretty much ruling out the DFG.

I would suggest you seek rehousing under medical priority and overcrowding.

What area are you in Neil?
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