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Hiya I have a 6 year old son with clubfeet and suspected ASD and ADHD I say suspected because despite showing classic signs and this being put in writing by various agencies the school refuse to accept it. I recently had a meeting at the school following an update made to my son's CAF after he put glue in his baby sisters milk. After this meeting a 'secret' meeting was held to discuss if I was meeting my sons needs as I have CP and 3 younger children and it was metioned in the meeting I had missed 2 appointments made for my son in 2007 and 2009. Due to this a referral was made to social services as the school felt there was serious safeguarding issues. I have now had social services do a home visit and ask some rather daft and insentive questions like how often do i bath them? do they walk anywhere? I now have the paperwork from the CAF meeting in which the school have written things that are not true such as my son never wears his glasses. I am now looking at moving my sons school as I dont feel he is being supported enough and the school refuse to apply for a statement even if he was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD he spends half his time in isolation as the school cannot deal with his behaviour. Am I in my rights to do this?
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Hi there

Sounds like you're having a tough time. Firstly, you can request your son is assessed for a Statement yourself, you don't have to wait for the school to do it. Check this link to Daniel's very useful post on Statements and a sample letter for requesting assessment:

Secondly, get in touch with ACE or IPSEA for more advice or try your local Parent Partnership who should be able to help with this. You will find your local PP on your local authority website. ACE & IPSEA details are in the 'Education' section of the 'Useful Resources' link at the top of this page. ACE & IPSEA are independent and very good but it can be hard to get though as they are so busy, but local PP's can vary as they are funded by the authority so some are better than others - try yours and see how you feel. If you don't like their advice check it out with ACE or IPSEA. PPs can often attend meetings etc with you and help with letters etc which can be a great help.

Finally, naming a school is part of the Statementing process although it is still not guaranteed to get the child into your preferred school. However you can still go through your local authority and request a change of schools - personally I would do this anyway as if you get him in somewhere else then that school can be the named school. But they may be reluctant to change his school if you are about to go through assessment. If you are wanting a special school or unit then that will probably only be considered as part of the assessment. I assume you are under Essex county council so have a look at their info on moving a child mid year and the SEN process here:

Hope this helps
Jayne xx

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