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hello everyone

I really could do with your advice right now , im after some vitamins etc for my son,

he is 4 years cp/gdd/

he is so pale and sometimes looks tired and grumpy

he only has carrots and peas will not tollerate anything else , cannot eat fruit due to hardness etc so i juice apples orange grapes etc , about 3x or less a week

so he is not really getting the right vitamins etc

he also has chronic constiapation which he takes movicol for !!

i really realy need to put him on some vitamins minerals or even omega 3 asap!!

what have you all used for your little ones? and it has to be liquid form as cant chew the chewys ..... but also make sure it doesnt cause hes constipation worse .......

really appreciate any help please

have been reccomended wellkids vit and min or the haliborange omega 3 (but this doesnt have b vitamins or iron)

kind regards

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Our dietician recommended DALIVIT. But my daughter has separate iron and calcium supplements as she is anaemic and intolerant to dairy.

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hi hun, you could also try minadex for children this is a vitamin and mineral enriched tonic specifically designed
for children and is suitable for your sons age however these things including dalavit should be only be used in the short term without medical recommendation. might be worth while asking you G.P as you can get dalavit drops on prescription. hope that helps x
were all angels in waiting!!
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thankyou ladies for your help

did ask the dr well 2 dr's they keep palming me off with saying give him smoothies everyday etc

and add vitamin fortified foods to hes diet!!

useless really ...Sad xx but thanx for your input it helps x

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