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I rang the DLA today as we put a mobility claim in for Jack back in May and hadn't heard anything apart from a letter in July saying they hadn't made a decision yet!!

The girl I spoke to told me that the claim was turned down on 23 July. I told her we hadn't been informed and there was a pause as she (I guess) checked to see if we'd been sent a letter. Then told me that a letter is usually sent out automatically - I told her I wouldn't have been ringing if I knew the decision!

Anyway our application was turned down on the basis that Jack can walk 'a reasonable' distance and the fact that he struggles on uneven surfaces, can't save himself from falling, can't climb or use steps, needs to be physically lifted into and out of his car seat can't be taken into account. His autism diagnosis is also not taken into account as he is under 5!

I've been told now to wait for the letter telling me of the decision and to ring them back when they'll tell me what my dispute options are! On the info they already told me I'm not going to re-apply now until he's 5 - I really don't see the point. I'm just angry and disappointed that they didn't tell us of the decision in July when they knew they'd turned us down too!
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Try not to let it get to dispute if you can, you can offer to submit more eveidence. I have found this has worked and usually I have just added a different letter from consultant/GP along with all the other eveidence. Maybe its a different decision maker or something? Good luck keep fighting x
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How funny, we did too and were not sent a letter to tell us. We are going to appeal as 3 year old just given a diagnosis of phelan mcdermid syndrome which our geneticist says should chsnge the outcome. I would say you are going to appeal, gather as much evidence as possible and then decide if you'd rather cancel nearer the time. Appeals take up to 4 months to be heard in my experience. Good luck.
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That is terrible that they didn't let u know, I struggled to get the moblity for Ben when he was 5 so had to take it to an appeal.
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Hi sorry to hear this and very unfair that you never received a letter to tell you about their decision. Big hugs
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