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My oldest daughter who is in year 3 at school, shes nearly 8, has been given the chance to go on a residential trip with the school in May for 5 days, and im all up for her going, and after looking at the website think she will love it there. But my hubby said no, he said she is too young to go somewhere like that without us (its only half an hour away from where we live). So i wondered would you let your child go at this age, and if anyone has any advice on how i can encourage hubby to change his mind?! lol.
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only having the one child i didnt have this dilemma until matt was 14 but as he has a habit of escaping from building and the activities they were doing i was a bit wary (absailing and rock climbing) but he had a great time as he was with teachers as well as qualified staff at the place he went. i went into the school and they had a video of what they had done the year before (not that it reassured me lol but knowing the staff taking him did)

perhaps your hubby could ask to speak to some of the staff that will be going and any of the parents who's children have been on this trip before, my guess is there are a lot of parents who think 8 is young but they grow up a lot quicker than we did and where she will be staying is enclosed and there is always staff around i would imagine it would be more of a case of how would she feel. are any of her friends going? perhaps their dads could have a chat with your hubby cause bet they feeling similar about their little girl going away for the first time.

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I was that age myself the first time I went on a trip with the school. I loved it!

What exactly are his misgivings? Would it put his mind at rest if he had a chat with the teachers?

Maybe it would reassure him if she were able to phone home every night?
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how longs the trip for? emily is 7 and i'm not entirely sure how i'd feel her going as they havent even been on a day trip with her! i'm sure it would be the same whatever age she goes first time tho....i think if all her friends were going then i'd probly agree to it as i wouldnt want her to be left out. you'll have to see what dan says for a mans perspective lol. i was 11 when we first went away with school!

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Here is the Dads point of view.
My daughter is seven and she hasnt been on a school trip yet alone a residental holiday.
Apart of me would be worried without a doubt and i wouldnt hand on heart be so sure about her going and if i was to consider my feelings only i would say NO WAY!
But deep down i know thats just me being a protective dad and thats one of our roles........
However i think what would hurt Emily and she would be sad that her freinds were going and she wasnt so i would most likely agree on a few conditions.
I would like to know how many staff were going and how many children were going as well.
Also want to know the exact place they were going and would google it and see whats what there.
Once i had heard what i wanted to hear i would reluctanly agree with a sad heart thinking my little girl was growing up.
And when she got on the coach be sad but then do a little jump and think to myself Ahhhhhhh a bit of peace Big Grin
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