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(10-19-2009, 10:25 PM)becky28 Wrote: my son when he was little just communicated in grunts and it would a race against time to find out what he wanted before he would get fed up and start headbutting the floor.
Sounds like our EuanBlush
Going through want this want that want this???Big Grin

Hoping you find the want before Hurricane tantrum comes.Cool
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speech threapy has given him theses words to put in to use as he just skips them - 'ON' 'UNDER' + 'IN'. he has 5 weeks to learn them but i know in my heart it will be a lot longer than that. i keep doing these words with him when we are out and about, when we were on the bus i said to him 'we are 'on' the bus'.

he repeated it and i hope to just keep springing him with the words when i think hes most likely to take them in. when he was first learning to talk i was told to match and stretch so we would say things like monkeys and bananas - then we would do a silly monkey dance which made him giggle. i have done some embrassing things in public in the name of learning. such as my daughter who when she was 3 would sing songs (not sure if they were made up) she would sing out of tune and really loud, the more like a cat she sounded she more she enjoyed it. so cue me and her singing like cats in the supermarket but i was loving the contact from her i didnt care
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ahhhh bless. with speech therapy, they told me a key word to learn was more.....so that euan could ask for something. so I would sit infront of him with some choccy buttons putting one down and saying 'more' with each one. Eventually he coppied then after a while I began to wait for him to say it before putting one down. I did it with other things aswell. He clocked on eventually but it was hard for him. It has taken nearly 18 months for him to start talking but now he doesn't stop Big Grin although it is muffled and sounds funny at times! I blame his naso-gastric tube because he had just started to say words when he had that put down and then he just stopped! Even after he had that out and his mic-key button in it took a year to regain anything! Frustrating to say the least!
Do you think your son would benefit from any non-verbal forms of communication? like makaton? or do you think he would struggle with learning that aswell?

Lucy xx

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