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hi all

my daughter has cerebral palsy and due to where the bleed is on her brain it effects her eyesight. We have been going back and forth to the hospital for 8 years now and they have never offered any answers of anything we can do to try improve her eyesight, but always get the answer its to do with her brain cant really do anything.

The sensory service have started to enlarge her books etc so we have everything in large print which has really helped but noone has any ideas on how to improve her general everyday vision.

she is compared to a child with cerebral visual impairment but this has never been confirmed.

Anyone any tips or ideas?

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My daughter has cerebral palsy and is visually impaired. Her visual problems are to do with her eyes as opposed to her brain. There is a charity called LOOK that have a lot of imformation. It is good to see you have the sensory service involved only my daughter had a teacher for the VI see her in school. My daughter goes to a low vision clinic from what I can remember she was refered by the GP.

My daughter is blind in her left eye and has about 70% vision in her right eye. She does really well and uses the vision she has well.

Jools x

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