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Please please help or advise in some way even pointing me in the right direction would be fantastic x

My daughter has a full SEN and attends a NONmainstream secondary school. She is entitled to the taxis to get her there and back. We have never used this service but now she needs to start becoming a little more independent. I have asked the local authority re: a taxi but instead of being picked up at home, she is picked up at my place of work and brought back to me. I work alone and obviously she would be safest with me. She is 12 but mentally about 7/8. The LEA have said NO absolutely not, its from home to school nothing else. I said that we have to work and they have told me to leave her home alone with a key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or give up work. Nowhere can I find a definite law on this. I have requested the local councils poilcy on SEN transport law. I have tried calling IPSEA but cant get through. ACE were not much help just advising me on possible charges to pay??? What can I do? Does anyone know anything that could help me please.
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Try IPSEA again or SEN SOS I not sure on the law. My daughter gets transport but on Tuesdays she has to go to afterschool club at a nursery as I work. She gets transported there. Unless there is a huge difference in mileage between your home and work cant see what their problems is.
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I think it maybe a case of sticking to there rules for there benefit here Sad
I think legally they maybe able to state that there insurance is from school to a dwellinge and that is what there insurance would cover.
Whereas they would possibly say there insurance would not cover such an arrangement.

What i would be tempted to do is ask them to place in writing the reason for refusal and then dependent on if you want the fight approach the local newspaper as its a story in its on right.
Headline along the lines of
"Working mum faces job loss because of council rules"

All depends on how you would want to play this but at very least i would ask for a written reason.
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Just to let you know I have spoken to IPSEA who were brilliant and have sent a letter to both transport and sen lea so just await their replies now. Thank you for your advice I am sure I will be back looking for more x

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