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Hello, a few weeks back my sister was told her little boy had SMA, sadly after further tests she has been told he has a very rare form of neuropathy, and the doctors have told her he has a short life expectancy,
To make matters worse my mothers landlord has refused to allow an oxygen tank to be fitted to her property (leaning my sister partner and baby homeless) so baby is still in hospital as they have no address to discharge him to,
we went to our local council who have offered her 2 private properties which are unsuitable
the first is a 3 bed and she would have to top up the rent and find the deposit which she doesn't have, and the 2nd is a disgrace, after a meeting with doctors and social workers it was agreed that social housing is the best idea all round, we went to our local housing association and they were great and put her in the urgent band, but then questioned why the council had not applied for priority social housing which she would get, (and have somewhere in a couple of weeks) she has called the council but they wont budge and say there is no such thing (even tho its on the internet that it does exist) and then told her if she doesn't take one of the properties then they will only offer her a bedsit, sorry to go on I just desperately want my nephew home so he can spend quality time with all his family
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Hey hun, we applied for emergency housing when Lucie was a baby and it took them 3 months to house us on social housing, (our flat was unsuitable where we were so had to move) We had hospital support and my partners big work company helping us and constantly phoning them. They really dont rush for anything and when we needed a bigger house when we had our second child and Lucies nurses said she couldnt share with Lucie the council left it until 6 days before i was due to move us. The only thing i can recommend is getting as much support as you possibly can, (i've also heard people say they get the local counciller involved) and phone the council everyday so that they give in just to shut you up, those that shout loudest and all that! Good luck xxxxx
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There is emergency housing. The council are not telling the truth. Have the social workers been in touch with the council. I would get in touch with you local councillor and MP first thing in the morning, most local Councillors will take phone calls. Also see if you have a local carers centre and see if they can help, you should have a local disabled childrens register that may be able to provide info on where to go. All contact info should be available online. Luciesmum is right you need to keep on at them. I hope you do get somewhere, good luck to you all xx
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Hi go to your local council and it will be done so much faster , really hope your sister gets somewhere fast x
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