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I havent really had many problems with the school with ds but ds went back on tuesday he had been given antibiotics for his bad chest tonsilitus well sds wont take any medicene so i never told him i had it so i was told to put it in lemonade so i told the school this they done for the day. then the school senco called me and told me the they will not give it to him any more and he needs to have it on a spoon so i came home and tryed to give it him he threw up everywhere and refuses to take it and has to watch every drink i make him now im so frustrated with them now i can not even get any into him Sad
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I would be very unhappy to!!! When they are ill you are just desperate to get medicine into them to help them get better!! Did she give you a reason why they wouldn't do it? X
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what does it say on the label? if it says to give in lemonade then thats how they should give it but if it says to give one spoonful 3 times a day then that is how they have to do it. they have to follow the instructions on the label unfortunately. i had same prob until last few years with matt and had to put any medicines into his drink which means he now sniffs everything before he eats or drinks it hehe and even now will only take calpol so if he needs it in respite i have to get it on prescription instead of nipping chemist for it otherwise they wont give it to him
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Hi, we have the same problem when our son goes into respite paracetamol has to be prescribed not shop bought, we have to take suction even if he is well because it is prescribed and they will only put half of an hyocine patch behind his ear, he is on 3/4 patch increased by the consultant but not been updated on repeat prescription from gp. basically they are covering themselves if directions are not followed correctly and something goes wrong they are liable. inconvenient but put into place for your safety.
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I can imagine its frustrating but there are policies which the school by law have to follow and you do wonder if they could bend them for the sake of doing the right thing for the child.
BUT in todays society with the culture of NO WIN NO FEE claims litagation is such a problem that the school must do everything by the book.
Talking of medicines Euans school will learn alot this week Big Grin
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