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Are you going with eurostar?! We got an amazing cover with them and we were covered for cancelling the holiday etc my sons wheelchair was covered too. Even if you are not it might be worth ringing them and seeing who they used because we got cover for my son and me for eight days for £14 or something stupid like that. It was really cheap. Other then that the money supermarket things are good because they give you lots of different prices. Also get a few prices then ring one and say oh they offered it to me for this.... and sometimes they will drop to get the custom xx
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Hi i used Lloyds tsb as childrens insurance is free, i told them about Lucie having a tracheostomy and all her problems and all i had to do was fill in a form before going, i paid £29 for our trip to disneyland paris.
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Hi, we are going in december Smile and I have just had a quote off goodtogo who specialise in pre existing conditions. For the highest level of insurance for the 3 days is going to be £39 for 3 of us. Luke has complex cardiac defects, autism, feeding abnormalities and a gastrostomy and also uses a wheel chair. It took a few call backs and them liasing with a medical team before we got there but they were extremely helpful and very precise x
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thanks for all the suggestions, tescos was a bit cheaper, but will get quotes from all the others Smile
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We have baclays insurance and they seem to be quite reasonable to! Not sure how much it is exactly because we get private heathcare for our little one and it's tied in with that. Worth a look maybe.
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