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(09-02-2011, 07:24 PM)ionag Wrote: Just wondered whether other parents out there manage to get their child to wear a health condition bracelet?, or have at least thought about it? I've been looking for something which would be suitable for my daughter to wear on the rare occasion's in which she is out of my sight. Especially as we tried to attend a few hours at a playscheme this summer holidays. She has a very unusual genetic condition called Prada-Willi Syndrome, which has lots of weird and wonderful components which aren't immediate obvious, such as global development delay, speech problems, low motor tone, feeding problems and gets exhausted very suddenly. Also feeding problems are an important part as are being easily bruised, poor temperature control, not being able to vomit and a very high pain threshold etcetcetc..... After a number of emergency 999 calls due to breathing problems, and obviously I am always in arather upset state and it is always very difficult to clearly explain her medical problems I have written A4 sheets which I always carry with me, in order to hand to paramedics, nurses and doctors. It is so unusual they never know anything about it.. and I think it is easier, and so I think this bracelet idea is the next logical step..
I've found this Australian company which make these silicone braceelts and as this condition is so unusual they havn't already got some already specifically printed/imprinted etc. so I ordered a couple with a pattern on the outside and the odd medical symbol, in order to alert medical professionals and an area on the i/s in which to write specifics..

Really pleased with it,, just wondered if anyone else have found any 'nearer' companies ie in this counrty, especially about all the charity bands to tend to see people wearing these days.....

Sorry about the longlonglong message, think I needed a relaxing babble today.....

Hi there my son wears a medic alert bracelet, we pay an annual subscription of about £25.00 (a small price for peace of mind) he has a registration number and a list of "problems" we don't have a diagnosis, when hesout ofmy sight should anything hapen theres a phone number on it to ring with a complet medical history contact numbers and life saving information hope this helps they have a website too

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