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Hi Guys

I have just started a new job and my hubby is going back to college, Chloe is at school full time starting next week but we have one day where we willl need care after school. I was thinking about getting direct payments for a sitter but wonder whether it will be worth it for the few hours we need care. Do you think it would be easier to pay myself? Also does anyone know how much carers get paid hourly?

Thanks in advance.
Kirsty x
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hi, iam not sure you would get awarded direct payments for a sitter? i was awarded direct payments 8.91 hour for 5hours a week payable by social services. organised through the social worker because this was seen as a social need to enable me and my family social time together because 100 percent of our time was spent looking after our son, taking him everywhere with us. social services would have to do an assessment. because of the qualifications our carer had we were willing to let her work for four hours for five hours pay so she actually received 11.25 hour, this has just come to an end this week because our son starts fulltime school monday. hope this helps
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Just to back up what lexie said direct payments dont really pay for sitters to provide care around work commitments however im wondering if tax credits child care scheme could assist?
Possibly dependent on the financial and benefit situation?
Also you refer to paying yourself?
Do you mean with direct payment money as this wouldnt be allowed under the direct payment guidelines as they only allow you to pay someone outside of the family home.

Hope this helps Smile
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