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Here is a list of charities that i have that give grants thought that it might be useful
Action for Children

Action for Children supports disabled children and young people up to 26 years with physical and learning disabilities. They are able to purchase mobility equipment such as custom built wheelchairs and trikes, therapeutic equipment and communication aids. The equipment remains the property of the charity as they undertake responsibility for servicing and repairs. To apply either call their helpline 0845 300 0237 or e-mail support@actionforkids.org
Action for Children also run work related learning programmes and training in essential life skills for disabled young adults. An advice and guidance service is available to support parents of disabled children.

Birkdale Trust for the Hearing Impaired Ltd

The Trust provides grants to children with a hearing impairment and organisations supporting deaf children.
It will provide funding towards projects such as equipment for the hearing impaired, specialist tutition, professional advice and support for appeals.

To apply download an application form from the website.


Boparan Charitable Trust

The Boparan Charitable Trust is a new charity supporting children and young people under 18 years resident in the UK and disadvantaged through poverty, disability or terminal illness.
Each application request is judged on its own merits and must be approved by an independent professional such as social worker or doctor to ensure that the child will benefit from the request.

To apply download an application pack from the website. Financial details are required and three independent quotations if you are applying for specialist equipment.



The Buttle Trust

The Buttle Trust provides grants for children facing difficult circumstances. They are divided into three categories:

Child Support Scheme - Funds for essential household equipment and furniture. Applications to be made by a professional
School Fees Scheme - Grants for independent day or boarding school
Written applications to be made direct to the Trust
Students and Trainees Scheme - Financial support for young people aged 16-21 years. Apply through letter or e-mail.

Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children provides funding for children under 19 years who have a disability or chronic illness
They have previously funded specialist equipment for mobility, computer access, sensory needs and medical items such as nebulisers and monitors. The charity also provides for the cost of specific therapies and treatments.
To apply complete the on-line application form. Financial information is required as funding is only given to to families whose income is less than £45,000 gross a year.

Caudwell children also funds and organises group holidays for children with a life-threatening condition.



Cerebra supports children under 16 years who have a brain injury, neurological disorder, mental disability or developmental problem.
They provide grants for a range of equipment or resources that will improve the quality of the child's life.
A Grant form can be downloaded from their website.


Children Today

Children Today helps disabled children and young people up to the age of 25. They provide grants for specialist equipment and aids such as communication aids, educational toys, trikes, lifting equipment and electric wheelchairs.

Applications must be made direct by the applicant, their parents or guardian by calling 01244-335622 to discuss their application. All applications are means tested.


The Children's Hope Foundation

The Hope Foundation aims to improve the lives of children and young people affected by illness, disability or poverty.
They provide funding for anything (with a few exceptions) that will benefit the child such as medical equipment, computers, holidays and days out.
To apply download the on-line application form. Finanacial details are required.


The Elifar Foundation

The Elifar Foundation funds a wide range of specialised equipment, therapies and respite for children and adults with profound disabilities, physical disablilities or learning disabilities.

Items funded in the past include: Wheelchairs, beds, specialised seating , trikes, communication aids, senory equipment, holidays, threatments and therapies.

To apply complete the on-line application form. Financial details and supporting evidence from a professional is required.



Fashion and Textile Children's Trust

The Trust supports children under 18 years of people who work or have worked in the fashion and textile industy for at least 3 years through education and welfare grants.

Grants may also be available to the child's offical carer.

It aims to help children reach their full potential. This could be helping a child develop a special talent, providing course equipment, equipment for a special need or essential household items.

This is open to all in the industry from the shop floor to the storage. It includes those who have worked in fashion, footwear, home furnishings or home textiles through either a retailer, supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer.

To apply complete the on-line Enquiry Form for an application form.




Footsteps is a Polish therapy programme which help children and young people (3-25 years) with neuro-motor disorders reach their full physical potential.

The three week programme requires an initial assessment before a formal application can be made using the on-line application form. Grants to attend the centre are awarded according to need and financial details are required.



Helping Children Locally

Helping Children Locally (HCL) provide grants to disadvantaged children under 18 years including children with disabilities and children with disabled parents.

Grants are allocated dependent on need. They have previously funded holidays, medical equipment, therapies, transport costs and sports fees in the past.

To apply, download the grant request form. Financial details and supporting evidence are required.


Children Direct Short Breaks

Children Direct provides a short break service for disabled children and young people up to 25 years.

They can provide a carer to support the child or young person on a day trip or outing depending on what they want to do.

For carers its an opportunity for a short break which can be from 1 hour to a full day.

Unfortunately, the service is not available across the country but the charity is expanding. For an up-to-date list of areas covered click here.

To further information and to apply e-mail the charity direct enquires@directshortbreaks.org.uk




Kidsout helps children and young people with disabilities and life threatening illness. It also supports children disadvantaged through poverty or rural isolation.

Working with Rotary International they provide funding towards days out such as trips to theme parks or the seaside. They also provide a toy boxes filled with brand new toys for children who have escaped from domestic violence.



Lifeline 4 Children

A voluntary organisation which helps disabled children from birth to 18 years. It provides support to purchase a range of resources such as communication aids, wheelchairs and specialist computer equipment.

To apply you need to write or e-mail brief details about your child and their condition. If you fulfil the charity's criteria an application form will be sent requiring further information, supporting reports from health professionals and financial statements.



Me & Dee

Me & Dee offers treats to disabled children and adults with life threatening/shortening conditions.

The treat is usually funded up to £100 for absolutely anything from a gift to a day out for the family.

To nominate for a treat complete the on-line Contact Form with information about the person's

Gender and age
Their condition
The suggested treat

Alternatively, contact Maria Hanson on 07834 546 496 / 07582 759 239 or e-mail: meanddeecharity@yahoo.co.uk



Merlins Magic Wand

The Merlin Entertainment Group provide magical experiences for seriously ill, disabled or disadvantaged children.

The experiences are primarily offered at their attractions which includes Legoland, Alton Towers, The London Eye, Madam Tussards though other requests may be considered.

Individuals may apply using the on-line application form or by post.

Merlin also offers a special discount rate at Merlin attractions for individual charites providing experiences for children.




The Newlife Foundation provdies essential equipment to terminally ill and disabled children under 19 years who live in the UK.

Grants are provided for items such as wheelchairs, beds, communication aids, and therapy equipment.

Initally, telephone (0800-902-0095) and discuss your child's needs with Newlife Nurse.

If eligible, an application form can be downloaded from their website. A Therapist report is required and the grants are not means tested.

www. newlifecharity.co.uk


Nihal Armstrong Trust

The Nihal Armstrong Trust is a small charity which helps children under 18 years with Cerebral Palsy.

It is able to provide funding (under £1,000) towards essential equipment, communication aids, and other specific services not provided by statutory services.

The charity prefers applications to be completed on-line and sent direct from the website. Supporting evidence from an appropriate professional is required.


Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity

The Roald Dahl charity provides helps families cope with financial difficulties when living and caring for a sick child.

It supports children and young people with serious, rare blood or brain conditions including severe epilepsy and aquired brain injury. They will only consider families on certain benefits or an income below £22,000pa.

Grants (up to a maximum of £500) may be awarded for items such as specialist equipment, sensory toys, white goods such as cookers and washing machines, utility bills including telephone bills, and travel costs.

Applications for funding must be made by a health professional or social worker on behalf of the child.

An application form can be downloaded from the website.



Smile for Life

The Smile for Life Charity helps children under 18 years living in the UK and disadvantaged through poverty, illness, disability, behaviourial or psychological difficulties.

The charity is able to fund specialist equipment such as wheelchairs and softplay, special activities and events.

To apply, complete the application form and post to the Smile for Life Children's Charity with supporting documentation.



True Colours Trust

The Trust operates a small grant programme to support small local organisations and projects that help disabled children and their families.

It provides one-off grants up to £10,000. The Trustees are keen to support:

Hydrotherapy pools
Multi sensory rooms

Mini buses

Young carers projects

Sibling projects

Bereavement support
Applications should be made using the on-line application form which requests project details and information on the organisation.


Variety Club

The Variety Club's Easy Riders programme provides funding towards wheelchairs (electric, manual and sports), buggies, trikes and bikes.

It supports disadvantaged and disabled children and young people up to 19 years old who live in the UK.

Further details of their grant criteria and an application form can be downloaded from their website. A therapist report and financial details are required.

The Variety Club also offer other support to children and their families to improve help their daily lives.



Well Child

Well Child helps children aged 1-18 years with serious illness and life threatening conditions across the UK.

Their Helping Hands scheme uses volunteers for hands-on projects to benefit the child and their family. This may include tasks such as decorating the child's room or adapting the garden.

To apply contact the charity direct or complete the on-line application form.

In addition, they have an expanding programme of Well Child Nurses across the UK to support families with the care of their sick child.



Whizz Kidz

Whizz Kidz helps provide mobility equipment to disabled children and young people up to 18 years old.

The child must have a permanent condition and the equipment they require must not be available through the NHS.

To apply either download an appliction pack from their website or telephone 0845 052 1231. A therapist report will be required.

Applications may take some time as each child is assessed according to their need. You will informed how long you will be expected to wait but even high priority cases may take 8 months.

The wait is worthwhile as the organisation uses their own Occuapational Therapists to make a detailed assessment of your child's imediate and future mobility needs.


Family Action

Family Action provides practical and emotional support to disadvantaged children and socially isolated families to enable children to achieve their potential within the family unit. They also support Young Carers.

The charity makes small grants, particularly to those on low income or benefits:

Welfare Grants Programme - provides support towards the cost of clothing, general household needs, communication aids and medical adaptations. To apply download and complete an application form. Financial details and supporting evidence from a relevant professional are required.

Educational Grants Programme - provides small grants towards training that is likely to end in increased employment propects. To establish eligibility you are required to complete the on-line Educational Grant Search


The Family Holiday Association

The Family Holiday Association helps disadvantaged children and their families with a family break in the UK.

Applications are only accepted from a welfare agent such as a social worker, health visitor or teacher who must apply on the family's behalf.

The application form for 2011 will be available to download in early November 2010.



Happy Days

The Happy Days Charity funds and organises holidays, residential trips, days out and theatre trips for children and young people aged 3 to 17 years with learning difficulties, physical or mental disabilities.

They also support other disadvantaged young people including young carers of parents or siblings.

Applications for days out and theatre trips may be made for individuals and groups. Families may apply for funding towards a one week holiday in the UK.

Financial details and a supporting letter from a suitable professional are required.

To apply download the appropriate application form and return direct to the charity.


Pearson's Holiday Fund

The Fund offers small grants (max £75) to enable children and young people (aged 4 16 years)from families on benefit level income to have a holiday or outing.

The child must live in the United Kingdom and take the holiday or outing in the United Kingdom.

Applications are only accepted from a relevant professional and families should not apply direct.




Trefoil offer holiday grants to young people under 18 years to enable them to take part in an recreational activity or holiday that would not have been possible without the grant.

They also provide personal development grants to young people under 25 years.

To apply download an application form from the website. Two references are required to support your application.


Harriet Davis Trust

The Harriet Davis Trust have four properties in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. They are for families with children but disabled adults may use a property if it is not required by families.

Three houses are adapted for wheelchair users and aids such as hoists are provided. Their latest house, "Caerwen" is adapted to provide a safe and secure environment for children with autism and other learning difficulties.

The holidays are offered at resonable prices as they are charged at economic rather than commercial rates. The is also able to offer a limited number of grants to families in genuine financial need. An application form will need to be completed when making a provisional booking.

The houses do get booked up quickly for the school holidys.

To make a book contact Helen Lees Griffin by e-mail: helen@harriet-davis-trust.freeserve.co.uk or telephone: 01834 845197


The ACT Foundation

The ACT Foundation provides grants to both individuals and charities. It aims to enhance the quality of life for people in need (particularly the mentally and physically disabled).

The Foundation offers grants in three areas:

Building - this could be funding a bathroom conversion, paying for adaptions not funded through the Disability Facilities Grants, or building work for schools or hospices
Equipment - such as mobility aids and medical equipment to assist independent living

Financial assistance towards the cost of short term respite.

To apply download an application form. Applications can be made at any time of the year.



The Home Improvement Trust

The Home Improvement Trust (HIT) helps elderly people repair, improve or adapt their homes to help them live safely and independently in their own homes.

HIT (a not for profit company) runs the Houseproud Scheme which works with local authorities and home improvement agencies across England, Scotland and Wales.

The local council will arrange for a case worker to visit and discuss the different options including funding the work through the Disabled Facilities Grant, a loan or from personal savings.

The Houseproud scheme is able to access loans to help pay for the work through Equity Release loans.




http://www.churchsociety.org holidays for chronically il, or recovering from hospital treatment or illness. apps made by 3rd party doctor,social worker etc

http://www.brucewaketrust.co.uk short breaks,holidays and disability equip. apps through a charity organisation or registered body.
http://www.campquality.org.uk chikdren with a potentially life-limiting condition,for all abilities and disabilities including cancer. apply online.

http://www.childrentoday.org.uk vital life changing equipment related to sickness and disability apps through a charity.

http://www.lifeline4kids.org no grants of money but will buy specfic items disabled children and young adults 19 and under. supporting letter from doctor
http://www.elifarfoundation.org.uk To fund or part fund any piece of specialised equipment or course of therapy no matter how small. children and adults with physical or learning disability supporting evidence from professional.

http://www.lhh.org.uk for white goods submitted through professional

http://www.carers.org white goods, household, transport costs help towards short breaks and training for carers to help them back into work,

http://www.mobilitytrust.org.uk powered chaired n scooters apps by individual or 3rd party.


http://www.when youwishuponastar.org.uk

The R L Glasspool=Mrs F Moore,charity administrator,second floor,saxon house,182 hope street,walthamstow EH17 4QH TEL:020 85204354
white goods,clothing,holidays,furniture and disabilty equipment Apply via social worker or welfare agency.

S C witting trust= The Administrator,friends house,173 Euston rd,London, NW12BJ
Electric appliances,furniture,cloything,toys,pushchairs,bedding etc, Apply in writing via social worker or welfare agency

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hi there i dont know if you or even anyone can help but here goes, my son has Sever ADHD and we have been offered the chance to go to EuroDisney in december but none of us have passports and was wondering if anyone knew anywhere that might help ? have tried family fund as wa have be granted off these in the past but they dont do them i know its a shot in the dark lol but worth a ask xx
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Thank you so much for spending time doing this it has been really useful xx
Will I EVER stop having to fight for my son to have what he NEEDS!? Huh
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Hi, thank you very much for the extensive list, Xx
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that's ok if it can help us with the things we need for our little ones

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