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hi Guys,

Looking for some help, i have 2 boys both diagnosed autistic, they are both using maclaren majors and i was wondering if theres anything to make these into 1 so I can get out on my own as im constantly stuck in and have to have someone with me but my hubby works full time so hardly get out and id like to just go for walks buts thats seeming impossible, ive seen some clips on a website and someone tried this on these pushchairs but they was no good so dont know what to do so thought id ask you lovely people for some advice,

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There is a double maclaren major (which you might already know) which would be perfect for you. Not sure you could get one supplied though as well as the single ones.....very expensive but perhaps you could ask a charity like family fund to help?

Not much help I know..... I know how you feel, I too am stuck in alot while hubby works as I have a daughter in wheelchair and a little one with autism who needs to be in a buggy if possible... really not easy

Hope you figure something out Smile
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