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My lot seem to be doing ok. My oldest lad has managed the first full week of college ok and seems to be coping with it, he’s tired but not the same level of exhaustion as before, I just hope he carries on this way. He usually gets worse again when the clocks go back so keeping our fingers crossed. My middle lad is fine but then despite all his problems there have never been any issues with school other than his attendance which is a bit low due to his medical conditions. And my youngest has settled in well at his new school and has had a certificate in assembly for a good first week, he has done a speech to his class about why they should vote for him to be the school council rep (a big thing for him to do as he can be hard to understand), he likes his new TA, the other children seem to be very nice and he’s asked to go to after school club which stunned me! He has had a couple of major crying incidents at home about missing his old TA who was with him full time for 3 yrs but that hasn’t affected him going in each morning and he seems happy. Looks like we chose the right place for him! :0)
Hope everyone else's children are doing ok,
Jayne x
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A mixed bag of children doing well and struggling.
I always feel it takes around a month or two to schools to get into there routine to allow the children to settle into theres and thats when you get the picture of the school year.
But usually just as a child gets into a routine theres another bleeding half term Sad
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