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To Dallas

I tried to PM back but your inbox is full!

Thanks for the info. I was led to believe any seizures would be dealt with. But unfortunately we both work and have two other girls to get to school locally at the same time as Chloe should be at school in another town so we don't have another option :-(

I will enquire further though.

Kirsty xx
Mum to 3 gorgeous girls Bethany (12), Amyrose (7) and Chloe (4). Chloe has Septo-Optic Displaysia, Bilateral Schizencephaly, Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Spina Bifida Occulta, Global Developmetal Delay and Epilepsy. But has a smile that can light up the grumpiest persons day!
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My little girl goes back next week and she can't wait. My little boy not for another 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to matt going back as he thrives so well in school and he loves it. the school can take care of his medical needs and i know they are both starting to get really bored at home. I will miss them but am looking forward to the few hours respite xx
Heart Mum to Abigail 8 & Matthew 4. He stops breathing & needs to be resucitated. Has Bulbar Palsy & was born with a hole in his stomach, has mic-key tube fitted. Matt has heart/lung problems and is also tube-fed.
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I'm too looking forward to the break when Caleb start's school again after having a year off because he wasn't welcome anymore at his previous mainstream school. He started at the local special school a couple of months before they broke up for the holidays for two mornings a week and loves it, so hopefully he still will when they go back. He's lovely but hard work sometimes especially the same questions a million times a day, think I might need a while for my brain to adjust to the peace and quite lol.
I have 4 lovely children Caleb and Bay who have fragile x
Trinity and Lucas who don't Heart
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My little girl Chiara goes back to school on Monday and into year 1, she is still in mainstream at the moment, as we're looking into Specialist schools in the area. I'm actually dreading her going back, as we have seen quite a calm Chiara all holidays, apart from a few ocassions. She has been dreadful the last 3 or 4 days, as the countdown on her picture book has began. Meltdown, after meltdown, after meltdown. She's not sleeping again, having horrendous night terrors again, just back to how she was at the end of last term :-( i'm really stressing about it now, as is she. Both my husband and I feel that she would be better suited in a school that caters for her extra needs, but for some reason the ed' pysch' wants her to stay put at the moment?! confused at why this is the case. Anyway, sorry for going on and on :-P lol I AM DREADING IT THOUGH!! xxx
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(08-29-2011, 06:50 AM)Daniel Wrote: With the new school term around the corner how you feeling?
Worried your child will fail to resettle?
Or is it your childs first term?
New teacher worries?
New school worries?

I know from a personal experience its Euans time for the dreaded full time and that means they will be handling medication dosing and hydration levels and this is a big thing for Euan so worried a little now but maybe i shouldnt be as the school are usually fab...

How will you be feeling as the day draws closer?

Hi my 11y old is starting secondary school next tuesday and i am becoming really worried now the time is here she is in mainstream school but has not got past level one's for anything and of course the size of the school is so much bigger .she cannot read beyond yrs 2-3 books or write independantly my worries could go on and on .

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