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I have mixed feelings about it. My oldest lad is now 18 but missed 5 yrs of school through illness and he's starting at college to get his A levels. I'm worried about him and if he will manage it or if he will suffer yet another relapse.
My middle lad is starting Year 11 - his last year of school! (Makes me feel very old, lol) It will be a relief to get him back to school as he really needs the structure and routine, he is always much more difficult to deal with in school holidays and this summer has been hard work at times with him.
My youngest is 7 and is starting at a new school for Year 3. He did really well in the local infant school with extra support but we felt the local juniors wasn't right for him. We have found a lovely small village school for him and they have already 'gone the extra mile' in letting him visit, get to know the children, etc. I am still a bit apprehensive though. As it's a primary school all the other children have been there from age 4 and know each other so that could be difficult for him. But he has been happy visiting and he will have more hours of support than he had. His speech is improved but still unclear and it will take a while for them to get to understand him well. Also being juniors the pace and expectations go up and he's not ready for that but I'm sure his new TA will help him as necessary and I'm hopeful things will go well once he's settled in.
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hi, we also cant wait for the break! Alex was part time last year and it seemed like no sooner he had gone out the door he was coming back home 12pm. after being up in the night several times i sometimes saw him off and went back to bed shattered. also we feel he needs the extra stimulation and activity that a full day can give he must have been bored with me all day even though i have done my best to keep him happy and entertained. i do remember this time last year though frightened about transport, how would i no if he had a good or bad day and crying as the bus pulled off awhh seems like ages ago.
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(08-29-2011, 06:50 AM)Daniel Wrote: With the new school term around the corner how you feeling?
Worried your child will fail to resettle?
Or is it your childs first term?
New teacher worries?
New school worries?

I know from a personal experience its Euans time for the dreaded full time and that means they will be handling medication dosing and hydration levels and this is a big thing for Euan so worried a little now but maybe i shouldnt be as the school are usually fab...

How will you be feeling as the day draws closer?

i have no worries about Ben going back to school in fact know that he will love going back. Ben's school are great as a few weeks before they broke up he went to see his new class
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A little nervous this year....

Sofie starts at secondary school which is an amazing special school and although she loved her visits, I just worry about her getting used to everything and them getting used to her especially as her speech is very unclear and hard to understand until you know her well.

And Luke start nursery on the 12th....I'm probably most anxious about this as he is so difficult sometimes and he is non-verbal so I just worry about him getting his needs known....he did like his visit though and I have left him 3 times over the summer at portage play sessions to get used to leaving him but that was only for 2 hours and he's going to nursery for 2 and a half days!

I am looking forward to a little bit of peace though Smile
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I'm not worried about Matthew going back, he loves his school, and his teacher is great, she was asking physiotherapists what she could work on just after the holidays started! Its my youngest I'm dreading - she starts this term and I don't know what I'll do without my 'baby' with me! I've lined up a new course, and I'm teaching on a local adult education one, but I need to keep busy or the broodiness will set in!
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