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my son has recently been diagnosed with DCD (dispraxia???) i have just moved him schools after relocating due to unforeseen circumstances, and have been told by both local schools that he isnt entitled to any of the help (one to one, nurture group etc) that he was recieving in his old school without a statement,my son was getting support in his previous school even without a statement but the schools in this district don't have the funding for this apparently. My son cannot function in a classroom without this help,he doesn't like a lot of people/children to be near him and can lash out, becomes very overwhelmed,has very low attention span and can be very disruptive and "busy" and has problems following instructions, and is also very clumsy with a high pain threshold. how long does it take to get a statement and what does it entail and how do i get one and also can i bypass the school in order to obtain a statement?? surely they cant leave him struggle and have to offer him some kind of help? im not getting anywhere and the longer this goes on, the more tantrums i have to face every morning trying to get him to go to school Sad any advice would be greatly appreciated Smile

my son has seen a ed psych....who after hearing my report (not even seeing my son at all) decided that it was adhd. physiotherapist mentioned dcd, so did occ health, and we are still waiting to see peadiatrics....its been a 3 year struggle and im still struggling
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Im new here.All I can say at present is that im in a similar situation to you.My son has DCD after a fight.I was told he was ok.School says he doesnt need a statement,but i disagree.I am going to approach the school soon an also use parent partnership help.Its all so unfair,Im unwell myself .I understand the strain you must be feeling.Any tips or help I find out etc i will post on here when i can.
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Do remember though it is not the school who decide if the child has a right to the statement.
You can request a statement directly from the Local authority simply by requesting this in writing.
Ill dig out a template letter if you wish?
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