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I am not fraudulently claiming anything, as she is severe every night and day, we have in excess of 6 meltdowns a day, in and out of school. We also have dangerous behaviour to deal with everyday, self harming everday, she never in 5 1/2 years has slept a whole night, she is up several times having night terrors, sweating, nappy leaking. Just an idea of what we face everyday. I have filled the forms out as worst day, as EVERY day is a bad day in our house unfortunately :o( I also know people who claim for everything and receive everything and they are liars and are de-frauding the system. The DLA award was based on our specialists report more than the information we have submitted, and they have stated that she requires lifelong supervision and care (which we knew this anyway, as she is so severe) Hopes this clears things up and sorry if i offended anyone with what i had put, but please rest assured, we have only claimed for what she needs xx

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