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My daughter has GDD and LD and she is 2 next month. She was born with dysmorphic features, hypertonia, hypermobile joints, plagiocephaly...to name but a few! She has had chromosomal tests but nothing came back positive. We are due to see a geneticist soon.

I spent time in a special school for moderate LD and about 80% of them had GDD with no specific diagnosis and the staff said this was common.

I don't think we'll ever find out a specific diagnosis. Will that be a problem if we're trying to get a statement? Anybody know?!

I'm not in Kent but it's great to hear from you

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Getting a statement without a diagnosis will be fine.
Providing there are sufficent learning difficulties a statement will be straight forward as it would be if you had a diagnosis.
Although depending on the needs there are other options such as school action and school action plus as well.
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hiya my daughter has GDD havent got a proper reason for having it they told me lara wouldnt walk or talk and she started walking when she was nearly 3 she has a mental age of 12-14 months i got told by birmingham children hospital children with GDD live normal lifes just takes longer then normal and they will always be behind but they still grow up like they would if they was 'normal' just 3 years to a GDDchild is like 6 months to a child with no needs u can talk to me n e time my daughter is suffering with this too apart from the fact shes now walking but isnt picking hardly ne makaton signs up and has hyper mobilty in most of her joint and has got rele bendy feet and struggle to keep her blance xxx
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