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I'm not sure why exactly, it is quite large so would possibly take up too much room in the luggage? Or maybe because we'd need it to be off first pretty much, so we can get him off the coach
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(08-21-2011, 11:37 AM)Mum2speciallittleman Wrote: We're going to Disneyland in October & staying at the Sequoia Lodge has anyone stayed there?what is it like?
We went to Disney back in 2009 & stayed at the Davey Crockett Ranch which really worked for us but my partner hated the driving this yr we're going over by Eurostar & staying at Sequioa Lodge which is apparently only a walk away from the park,just digging for advice mainly about the hotel!!Cannot wait the kiddies are going to LOVE it,havent told them yet as the 2 boys will prob not understand & my 5yr old daughter still has no concept of time,cant go the nx 7wks being asked if we're going yet!!!

Hi, sequioa lodge is a good hotel, its close to disney village where the shops/reastraunts are wich is nice so u can have a meal then get back without waiting round for the shuttle buses! Sure you all will have a lovely time, me and my son are visiting DLP the week before you, to the hotel new york (next to sequioa) also i just checked the website it will be open 10-6 but as you are in disney hotel u can go at 8am for extra magic hours. Have a wonderful time! Smile

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