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Like someone else put i'd either call into your Citizens Advice or call national debtline before clearing your debts as this could put you in danger of receiving the benefits your entitled to. Getting carers allowance will be tricky as also someone put above, your wages from the redundancy will work out the same as you receive weekly now which I assume is more than a hundred pounds. I think you will have to wait 26 weeks or if you apply thats the length of time I think you'll have to wait before they consider your application again. They will not look kindly at you clearing your debts and car loans in that way and then claiming benefits. Council tax and mortgage help no chance! The best you can hope for there is to contact your mortgage lender and ask for a reduction, though you'll pay more interest in the long run. Are you not able to find more work? How have you managed to work around your daughters disability so far? If you are not able to get back into work due to this you are likely going to have to budget the redundancy money per week and pay off your installments as normal until money runs out and then apply for the carers allowance. Contact the National debtline like I said and they will he prioritise your debts etc. Most important thing is Mortgage, council tax and fuel bills.

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