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Hi there.
My daughter has quite severe hypermobility syndrome. She gets loads of joint pain and struggles to feed herself towards the latter part of the day. The OT has given us some foam things to put over her cutlery but I would like to get her some proper built up cutlery.
Everywhere I've looked seems really expensive - does it really cost almost £10 to make a built up spoon?!
Any ideas were to get such things without it costing a fortune.
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What age range?
Also i might be able to help here Smile
We are looking at a range and finalising some pricing Smile
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I bought Caring cutlery for my daughter from Fledglings. It was about £15.00 for the set but it has really made a difference to her eating more independantly.
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My OT gave my little boy some cutlery. Have you tried fledgings
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Sorry, I forgot to come back :-(
My little girl is 2 1/2.
I will look at your suggestions.
Thank you.

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